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Pask Video And Photography was created to provide extraordinary high-quality wedding and event videos, capturing shots of people candidly as the day goes on. Our contemporary reportage style is combined with a strong understanding of light and composition to produce a comprehensive selection of stunning video footage from every wedding.

Professional & Trusted Photographers
A huge part of our continued success is based on personal recommendation. We are full-time professional videographers and commercial photographers, putting all our time and effort into something we believe passionately in. Services are provided both in Michigan and nationwide, working together to continually improve our techniques and service levels

Meet Jeffrey Pask
Jeffrey Pask started his photography and videography career in 1985 by jumping out of airplanes and shooting skydivers in Southeastern Michigan. Soon, he wasn't just taping the jumps, he was making the jumps, and Pask Video And Photography took flight! Jeffrey Pask also worked for the Montel Williams show in New York, NY a total of 4 seasons as a freelance field producer.

Jeffrey soon realized that one of the things most notably missing from the consumer photography and videography market was high-quality weddings shot on digital tape, as well as high-quality photos. Since then, his goal has been to fill that gap, pushing quality above quantity.

Pask is now the area's preeminent service specializing in digital event taping and still photos. Growing from a staff of 2 in 1985 to now more than 15, Jeffrey's service has expanded to include corporate and commercial production work using the finest modern digital video and still photography gear.

Meet with Ypsilanti, Michigan's preferred photographer when you contact Pask Video And Photography for an appointment.

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Meet with the preferred photographer of Ypsilanti, MI, when you (contact) Pask Video and Photography for an appointment.
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